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Second Opinions

Have you considered starting orthodontic treatment with Smile Direct Club, Candid, or Byte?

Before you make your final decision, we encourage you to get a second opinion from Dr. Wazio.

There are many factors you need to consider when selecting your orthodontic care, and we want to make sure that you are properly informed before making that important decision.

Did you know that many online, direct-to-consumer, aligner companies use outdated gooey impressions that result in less-than-perfect aligners? Also, none of the online companies out there use x-rays to plan your they have no idea how far they can move your teeth without causing damage, and improperly moving teeth can result in bone loss, tooth decay, gum recession, TMJ, chronic headaches, and other serious health issues.

For those reasons and more, the team at Wazio Orthodontics feels it is critical to see Dr. Wazio for a second opinion. In some cases, an online, direct to consumer, company may be a great choice. but in most cases, it's worth scheduling an appointment with Dr. Wazio to avoid health problems and additional orthodontic costs down the line.

Call us anytime to schedule your free second opinion.

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